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Uluslararası Sosyal Araştırmalar Dergisi / Thé Journal of International Social Research became a member of Cross Reff since 2014 and started to assign DOI numbers to the articles. Bu Dergi DOI ve Crosscheck üyesidir

publication principles


It is important to note the following to provide a scientific evaluation process during the presentation of the paper.

The paper sent to the journal should be of a unique nature that will contribute to the social sciences and bring innovation to the original and social sciences. Papers that do not have these features, repeat what was previously said or published elsewhere are not taken into consideration.

Manuscripts should not exceed 25 standard pages in lenght. Articles should be accompanied by a abstract of size not  exceeding 15 lines in English. The electronic submission of the manuscripts (in word format) is preferable.

The paper must be unpublished work;

The paper must not contain the author or authors’ full names, Institution they belong to and their e-mails;

The paper must be submitted in the official languages of the publication.

The paper must contain a title, a short  abstract written in English;

The maximum length for the articles is 25 pages, with a single space interlining;

The contributions must be sent in word format;

The documents must be sent preferably in Book Antiqua fonts size 10, margins


Footnotes must be put automatically in Book Antiqua fonts size 8;

Images illustrating the text must be sent as .jpg or .tiff files; the author assumes responsibility for the right to publish the images.




Footnote (in text): (Surname, Year, page number)

Example: (Scharf, 1973, 13-17)

Bibliography: Surname, Name (Year). Book Name. Place Published: Publisher.

Example: Scharf, Betty R. (1970). The Sociological Study of Religion. London: Hutchinson & Co Ltd.

Journal Article;

Footnote (in text): (Surname, Year, page number)

Example: (Kirman, 2008, 267-277)

Bibliography: Surname, Name (Year). Paper. Journal, Volume, Issue, pp.

Example: Kirman, M. Ali (2008). Religious and Secularist Views of the Nature and the Environment. The Journal of International Social Research, Volume 1, Issue 3, pp. 267-277.    



Footnote (in text):

(Surname, Year, page number)


Surname, Name (Year). title of thesis. master/doctora, university.



Footnote (in text): (Surname, Year, page number)

Surname, Name (Year). Title. EncyclopediaVolume,  Place Published: Publisher.


The author may use the paper with reference to our journal. 

The author submitting an article to the journal is deemed to have accepted these principles.

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