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Süleymanlı, formerly known as Zeytun, was founded on the outskirts of the Berit Mountains of Kahramanmaraş, where the Mediterranean climate dominated and the terrestrial climate was gradually passed. In this study, sustainable tourism potential is discussed in order to contribute to the development of the region. Emphasis has been placed on the natural geography features and rich historical resources of Süleymanlı, and it is emphasized that sustainability should be transferred to future generations without polluting, discharging and preserving. In addition, the tourism potential of the region to be unearthed and wanted to be introduced. Ilıca thermal springs and Süleymanlı Neighborhood, which is the important tourism center of Kahramanmaraş, were evaluated as a holistic and the tourism potential of the Süleymanlı neighborhood was emphasized with emphasis on leisure time in the thermal tourism.

Sustainable tourism, Suleymanli, Leisure, Regional development


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