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The Second World War occupied a significant place in the global history with the destruction it caused and the subsequent threat of Cold War. The world was divided into two poles between the USA and the USSR. The resultant developments made the entire world face an uneasy situation. This led to initiatives aiming to reduce the tensions. Arthur Wakefield was among the promoters of such initiatives. He wrote A Climactic Formula for Unifying the Conflicting Ideologies as an open letter to the world public opinion. Wakefield sought for a solution to prevent a large-scale conflict and believed that it was the best solution to reach a consensus between conflicting sides and their ideologies. He pointed to the need for an ecumenical council and asserted that the world needed an atmosphere of unity along with the contribution of Christian humanism and other religions. The present paper aims to analyse Wakefield’s opinions and suggestions in the context of his open letter to the world and the relevant time period. In addition to the mentioned letter, copyrighted works were also used.

Arthur Wakefield, Conflict, Ideology, Cold War


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