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Albania is a geography ruled by feudal lords and senators before the Ottoman rule. After the region was conquered by the Ottomans, it was connected to Rumeli province. Over time, various sanjaks were established in the Albanian region and direct administration started. As the central authority began to weaken from the eighteenth century onwards, local powers of power have established structures that are autonomous in practice, even though they are officially linked to the state in their territory. Towards the end of the second Mahmud era, the central authority was established by eliminating the pashas and lords that acted in Albania and opposed the state. However, the military, financial and property arrangements brought by Tanzimat caused discomfort in Albania and caused some rebellions, as in other parts of the Osmian country. In 1843 and 1844, such local revolts and other bandit movements shook the public order of the region. With the inurement of the new tax model and the enforcement of the compulsory military service based on the casting lots (kura), a revolt with a wide participation took place in South Albania, known as Toskeria in 1847. This rebellion, which was initiated by the villagers and the highlanders who were disturbed by the new regulations and the former Albanian overlords and chiefs, whose interests were damaged, sometimes openly and often underhand, carried the state for about a year. Among the leaders of the rebellion, the name of Gjoleka, an ancient timar holder , came to the fore. After the revolt was suppressed, new regulations came into force. In this article, the results of the 1847 Toskeria rebellion, the measures taken by the state and the methods used in suppression of the rebellion will be examined in the light of Ottoman archival documents. In the article, besides archival documents, research type books and articles were also used.

Albania, Toskeria, Gjoleka, Tanzimat, Rebellion.


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