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The interest and curiosity of human beings towards nature has increasingly continued from the past until today. This curiosity has been primarily inclined to the sun, moon, and stars which cannot be reached, and has continued by observing the positions and movements of them over time. As a result of this observation, by establishing the relationship between the Earth and the stars, mankind has concluded that their actions have a meaning. In the beginning, the difference between astronomy, which makes investigations about the movement of stars and celestial bodies, and astrology, which associates the events of the Earth and stars and consider them as auspicious and sinister, had been revealed; therefore, ilm-i nücûm has been evaluated separately from magic and fortune. A new genre, the fâl-nâme, which arose due to this curiosity and need, has taken its place in cultures over the course of time. Starting with Irk Bitig from the Uighurs period, important works of this genre, which became widespread during the Ottoman period, has been given. Metaliüîs-Sa’ade, written by Mehmed Su’ûdî Efendi during the reign of Murad III among the sultans, was presented to the sultan's daughter Fatma Sultan. Just like a woman in Harem, some of the works presented to her were unknown and were gone unnoticed by the tezkire writers and literary historians. In this academic paper, this genre will be evaluated with the given information about the writing and the content prepared for printing by me and will be submitted for the researchers’ information.

Fâl-nâme, Yıldız-nâme (Book of Stars), Metaliü’s-Sa’ade, Mehmed Su’ûdî


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