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In Sufistic education, people are brought up with education methods specific to Sufism. The most important of these is the method of conversation, which is similar to the method of narration, whereby religious-moral and mystical knowledge and experiences are transferred in a relatively special way. In Sufi education, it is aimed to get rid of the sense of arrogance by serving others, and to learn by living by doing some rules of behavior. n Sufi education, it is aimed to get rid of the feeling of arrogance by serving others with the service method and learn some rules of behavior by doing and living. With the practice of dhikr, which is made regular and regular, it is ensured that the person experiences a mind and heart intensity in contemplating God. With the music method, religious and mystical knowledge in the words are taught indirectly, the spiritual serenity that is formed makes the heart's divine truths receptive. In Sufistic education, the ego is seen as the center of the negative emotions, thoughts and behaviors of the person. For this, trainings to discipline the person in matters such as eating, sleep and speech are tried to be carried out by the method of self-denial. Extend method is used to isolate the person from the society, which is thought to affect negatively. The ordeal method is applied under the control of a mystical guide, with the realization of some physiological and psychological processes in a certain place called the cell, within a period of forty days. The travel or voyage method, which is reminiscent of the travel-observation method used today, reflects a different understanding of education in itself, from very different processes to the way it is applied and its goals. In this study, it has been tried to determine the nature and special education methods specific to Sufistic education from past to present with the source scanning method.

Sufism, sufi education, non-formal religious education, method, technique


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