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Gender Differences in Identity Profiles of Individuals in Social Media: A Comparative Analysis on Facebook Users in Afghanistan and Turkey

In the 21th century, social media became widespread in all countries as a tool of supporting the globalization process. Technological changes cause great changes in people's lives. Firstly, internet technology is reflected as a positive support to people, but since people are in different societies in terms of thinking, lifestyle, culture, religious beliefs and country status, there are also great differences in the use of technology. Therefore, identity concepts have changed in postmodern period. One of the features of the postmodern era is the abrupt change and renewal of identities. Technologies and social media enable this identity renewal process. Today, the individual's community and the level of social media usage play an important role in determining their identity profiles. Therefore, virtual identities differ from the real identity of the individual. Many countries also use fake identities with the widespread use of social media. In this study, the reasons and effects of creating fake identities are investigated by considering the gender differences of Facebook users in Afghanistan and Turkey. As a result of this study, as in other countries, Facebook users in Afghanistan and Turkey create fake identities and their reasons differentiate. Most of the young women in Afghanistan use fake identities and multiple profiles because of fear, family and community pressure, insecurity, while women in Turkey use fake profiles to follow their boyfriend, to enter comic pages and to engage in deceptive actions. Additionally, through photographs and other images used in advertisements in social media, social gender often introduces role determinants as social norms. However, it is one of the most interesting outcomes for users to express their gender differently in a virtual environment.

Social Media, Facebook, Identity Profiles


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