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Multiculturalism claims to be the most human response to the modern world’s pluralism and diversity. But neither diversity nor pluralism is new. Throughout the history of mankind, many communities in ethnic, religious, linguistic and cultural contexts have had to live together under the same state. These differences remained minority under sovereign groups, and their rights came to the fore in the context of minority rights. Approaches regarding the category in which minorities are to be evaluated and the framework of their rights has changed from state to state in the context of their own historicity and culturality. One of the most important examples of minorities and their rights are the Muslim communities and the Muslim states in the history. In this study, it is tried to evaluate the rights of Muslim states and Islamic religion to the “other” within the context of multiculturalism theory. In this context, the relationship between the Islamic world and the “other” is tried to be understood. As a result, it can be said that Islam is as successful in its relationship with the other as the policies of multiculturalism.

Multiculturalism, Cultural Diversity, Islam, Minority, Rights


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