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Today, around 6000 languages are spoken in the world. Although around 6000 languages are spoken in the world, it can be said that more than one language is spoken in almost all countries considering that there are only about two hundred states. The number of languages spoken within the borders of these countries varies as a matter of course. However, language and cultural extinctions arising from the failure of states to meet their obligations are increasing day by day. According to UNESCO data, 2473 of the languages spoken in the world, where one language disappears with its cultural and social environment every 15 days, are in danger of disappearing. Considering that this rate is more than 40% of the total number of languages spoken in the world, how this situation is in grave danger will be observed better. In this study, the living languages in the world and Turkey were scrutinized and in light of the reports published by international organizations including the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, the danger of extinction and the current situation of these languages were examined. Then the biggest problem with the extinction of living languages in the world and Turkey was scrutinized with a focus on the reasons for the extinction of languages . The precautions that can be taken for the survival of the languages are listed in detail, and the information about the precautions that can be taken in this regard and the things that should be done for these measures to be successful are given. Thus attention was paid to the danger of extinction faced by living languages in the world and Turkey and some suggestions were made regarding the elimination of this danger.

World, Turkey, language, living languages, endangered languages, disappearing languages.


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