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Prophetic biographies about the life of Hz. Muhammed and early period of Islam are called 'Siyer' or ‘Siret’ in Islamic tradition. The first sample of this tradition in Turkish language was written by Mustafa Darir from Erzurum, who lived in the 14th century, and the book was completed in 1388. Darir's work, presented to Mamluk Sultan Berkuk (1382-1389), was highly appreciated and contributed a lot to Anatolian Turkish literature. Although the work has been copied many times over time, the copy dated H.1003 stands out with its miniatures. The book named “Siyer-i Nebi” ordered by III. Murad (1574-1595), and completed one year later in the time of III. Mehmed (1595-1603). Darir's book copied under the administration of Nakkaşbaşı has emerged as a remarkable product in terms of visual material and grammar and has been the subject of many works in terms of literature and art. This study includes the evaluation of the manuscript recorded in the archive of Topkapı Palace regarding the production process of the book. With this document consisting of 3 pages titled 'Fees given to copyist, miniaturists and ruler drawers for copying 7 volumes of Siret book', important data regarding the copy production process has been reached. In addition, the places used in the production process of the book, the work program, the introductions of the employees and the distribution of wages among the employees were also mentioned, time-consuming technical needs of the copying process are explained in detail.

Mustafa Darir, Siyer-i Nebi, Istinsah, Miniaturists, 1594.


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