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The aim of this study is to investigate the elements of violence in pancreatic sports in ancient times. It is a martial art that requires touch to the body (hand to hand: full contact) in essence. Although its exact origin is not known, it is a sports event introduced to the Greek Olympics in 648 BC. Violence can be defined as self-harming and destructive behavior. As a mixed fighting sport involving ancient boxing and ancient wrestling techniques, the pancreas contains violence that can result in permanent damage or death to the opponent. The purpose of this fight is to prepare and fight for the war, as well as to stop the war and provide a ceasefire. In order to stop the war, Olympic Games were organized to attract the attention of the public from the war. Religious reasons underlie this. In ancient times, It is thought that in the pancreas fighting sport, it becomes an activity that is desired and enjoyed as it is repeated on violence. Violence in pancreatic sports may be the subject of a more comprehensive study considering the conditions in those years.

Pankration, Ancient Greek Sport, Violence in Sports, Mixed Martial Arts


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