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Weapons of mass destruction continue to be an important threat to international security today, as they did in the past. The Covid-19 epidemic, which started in China in 2019 and affected the world in a short time, showed that states are not prepared for such a biological event and caused some theories related to biological weapons. Acquisition of biological weapons at low costs and the rapid advancement of technology and the acceleration of microbiology and genetic studies facilitate terrorist groups' access to biological agents and these weapons become attractive for terrorist attacks. As a result of all this, bioterrorism is carried on the world agenda. Terrorist groups have not only been interested in biological weapons, but states have also shown interest in biotechnology. This point brings to mind the fact that states turn to biological weapons and a possible state terror. The nature of any bioterrorist incident involving war agents is quite unpredictable and difficult to prevent. In this study, biological weapons from mass destruction weapons that threaten international security will be explained, how these weapons can pose threats and how to develop a defense mechanism against them in the international system, and answers to some claims about Covid-19 pandemics will be sought.

International Security, Biological Weapons, Bioterrorism, Covid-19


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