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Many details expressing holiness for Judaism, Christianity and Islam, which are described as Heavenly in the History of Religions, have come together in Jerusalem. In these three religious traditions, Jerusalem was is called the city of friendship. Jewish history starts with Hadrat Abraham and his son Isaac. The Jews who left the land of Canaan promised to them because of their hunger and difficult conditions settled in Egypt. The Jews who left the promised land of Canaan because of hunger and difficult conditions settled in Egypt. They came back under the leadership of Hz. Moses, in order to get rid of the slavery and torture that they were exposed of there. King David brought Jews together and defeated Palestinians and Solomon built the temple in Jerusalem, which had an important place in the national and religious life of his people. The temple was destroyed first by the Babylonians and later by the Romans. Jesus, the founder of Christianity, was born in Nazareth, a Palestinian town, and lived in Jerusalem. Jesus, who started his activities at the age of thirty, ate his last dinner with his believers, then preached by climbing on the Olive Mountain. The notification activities reveal how important the Temple and in this way Jerusalem were in his life. This interest in Jerusalem has always kept its agenda. For this reason, Jerusalem has always been considered by Christians as sacred, because it was a pilgrimage location for them. According to the Islamic belief, Jerusalem, which means abundance and blessing, is believed to be the first qibla of Muslims. In addition, the events the Miracle of Al-Isra and Miraj occurred in Jerusalem. Muslims place importance on Jerusalem because of Masjid Al-Aqsa and lots of prophets lived in Jerusalem since Abraham. In this declaration, the importance of Jerusalem in terms of overlapping or diverging aspects will be discussed.

Jerusalem, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Masjid al-Aqsa.


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