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It is a fact that housing needs and production will not end as long as human beings exist. The dwelling-house, which is a dynamic concept, has a direct relationship with social developments as well as being shaped by the environment, user and budget. In this context, the references of the housing in the agricultural period and the expectations and needs of the users in the industrial period differ. In the historical process, the interior space and equipment, as well as the building system, transformed into the twentieth century, and began to take shape according to the status and expectations of its users. While the 20th century has witnessed developments in many areas, the new political order and the expectations of the transformed society from the housing have also been transformed, and the newly established cities that have grown into the transportation system have started to receive immigration, and housing supply has emerged for the population formed as a result of this immigration. Development moves in the statist policies of the young Republic of Turkey in the context of this study and this study moves offering idealized living conditions for its citizens to life and is the subject of seeking shelter model.

the Republican Era, cooperatives, residential architecture


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