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Introduction and Purpose: This research was conducted as a descriptive in order to determine the communication skill levels of midwifery students and related variables. Method: The universe of the study was composed of students studying in the midwifery department of the Faculty of Health Sciences of Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University. In the study, 350 students who accepted to participate in the study by not choosing a sample were included in the study. Information Form and Communication Skills Scale consisting of 23 questions were used to collect the data. The data were evaluated with SPSS 16.00 package program and subjected to statistical analysis. Results: According to the research findings; communication skills scale average score was found to be 100.87 ± 8.93. 53.1% of the students participating in the research stated that their communication skills were sufficient. 81.1% of the students participating in the research think that effective communication with the patient will positively affect the treatment. When the relationship between students' sociodemographic characteristics and communication skills scale mean scores are evaluated; the communication skills scale score average of the students whose mother education level is associate-bachelor's degree, father education level and above and those who come to the department willingly are higher. (p <0.05). Results and Suggestions: Interpersonal communication skills have an undeniable importance especially in the delivery of health services. Providing health services effectively is proportional to the communication skills developed by the healthcare professionals providing services in the field of communication. As a result of the research, it has been determined that the communication skills of midwifery students are at a high level, but it is thought that it will be beneficial to include more courses on communication skills in the midwifery departments of the Faculty of Health Sciences to further develop communication skills.

Communication, Level of Communication Skills, Midwifery, Student.


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