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Permanent security is the most important way for a community to maintain order and to prevent chaos from destroying that order. Just like the human communities we live in; security has also begun to evolve. Every innovation that globalization has brought to our lives has also brought a security gap with it. Each vulnerability has become even more comfortable to be abused and used by others, which is why the security and security policies of the states also have begun to change and evolve. Securitization is a multi-faceted political tool, such as creating a problem for the political interest or long-term international encounters that people can create and present to other people and communities. This tool has become more broadcast and useful with the development and spread of globalization, and one of the biggest reasons is that it is due to the fragile nature of morality against need for security. Was this fragile structure always like this, or is it because people's dependence on the security needs of states has long been shaking the nature of human foundations? Given the European Union (EU) and Western European morality, we will witness that the sources of these questions are getting deeper. Will the liberal and libertarian approaches of Europe continue to protect their integrity when their security is compromised, or will they be lost in fear? We will see how people are inherent in the questions such as how political manipulation and the use of fear will take European morality away from their values. We will try to figure out whether the answers to these questions lie in political conflicts or to seek refuge in the human nature against dangers. Chaos, security and order, a structure of order on the legacies of politics and security, all of which will help us understand that they are the legacies of the vicious circle of political structures clashing, again, taking them to order or extinction.

Securitization, International Relations, Politics, Morality.


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