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Turkey, between a dynamic change quickly and go through the process of rapid development with environmental protection and the difficulty in providing the balance. As a result of rapid economic growth, land use, which in Turkey in social and cultural development trend also shows a rapid change. It is important to monitor these changes in a certain area and to determine the size of these changes in a short period of time in order to identify future problems and take precautions. In this regard, remote sensing technology provides important facilities and is frequently used. In this study, to determine the direction of Kilis' spatial development and development, and what changes have occurred in the land cover in general? The answer to the question was sought. For this purpose, satellite images of different years (Landsat) and software have been used. Thus, the spatial development of the city and the changes occurring in the land use of the immediate environment and the direction of development were determined and the relations between urbanization-natural environment elements and planning in Kilis were examined. One of the important objectives of this paper is to analyze how planned the change of land cover in Kilis province is. The findings of this study show that the city of Kilis has shown significant developments especially after the 2000s. This development is not very planned. It is seen that some neighborhoods established after the 2000s have developed unplanned and face infrastructure problems. The flood disaster that occurred in Kilis in 2011 indicates that there is a particular infrastructure problem in this city. At the same time, the fact that urban development is towards the creek bed shows that the natural disaster criteria are not taken into consideration when planning here.

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