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The Relashionship of Turkey’s Trap Music with Politics and Economy on a Changing Paradigm Axis

The world that gears up day by day is closely related to information technologies, a new world order on the axis of Neo-Liberal policies and globalization as a myth. However, upon the cooling of the Post-Modern paradigm, came the stage where the old came to an end and the new era did not start, called interregnum also came to an end. This new paradigm, which has an otantic and traditional chouvinist approach, while aesthetic perceptions become monotyped, and the increase of conservative and hegemonic organizations, is the second act of Modernism. The transformation of actors of national market capitalism into international powers, moving away from multiculturalism and centering the anti-pluralistic populist political movements, and virtual enviroments and cyber spaces formed by the place of contemporary media in individuals’ lives along with information technologies are the main components of Neo-Modernism. In the axis of these components, music has also been transformed. In particular, with Trap music beoming mainstream, which started the rapid change in the last five years in mainstream music in Turkey. Trap musicians, who have populist statments, can be observed to reflect Neo-Liberaslism hidden in Populism. At the same time, this economic rise enabled them to have international circulation and to sit at the table with international organizations. The places where the young generation, who made this change, are the most present in the virtual enviroment and cyber spaces, which are among the tapering elements of the Neo-Modern era, where time and belonging folklore is changing. This study will explain the Neo-Modern paradigm intersection based on the sample data collected from Turkey.

Neo-modernism, Economy Politics, Trap, Popular Musics


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