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Scientific, technological, economic, social, cultural, political changes and developments in the global sense force economic sectors to comply with this change. From the point of view of entrepreneurship, today it is possible to find studies related to different entrepreneurship types such as e-entrepreneurship, diaspora entrepreneurship, eco-entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, caused by these changes and developments. Agricultural entrepreneurship, which is as old as humanity, is one of these entrepreneurship types. Agricultural entrepreneurship generally refers to entrepreneurship activities of entrepreneurs in agriculture and related sectors. There are aspects of entrepreneurship that have universal validity in terms of both entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship, as well as aspects that differ from industry to industry. In the study, which is based on an in-depth literature review and where the agricultural sector is handled in terms of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship; agricultural entrepreneurship opportunities, barriers to agricultural entrepreneurship, differences and skills that agricultural entrepreneurs should possess and issues that they should consider in order to develop these skills were examined.

Agricultural Entrepreneurship, Agricultural Entrepreneur, Agriprenurship, Agripreneur


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