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An invitation to the righteous way in the Quran, It was founded on the fact that Allah Almighty and God is the essence of the belief of tawhid. There is no God or Lord other than Allah, and Allah has no partner. For this reason, the claims that the beings other than Almighty God are Lord or God must be rejected. Obedience and worship should be done only to Allah. The Quran affirms previous divine religions and is the finale of revelation. Allah does not accept intermediary elements other than worship between people and himself and accepts the belief in tawhid. When we examine the verses of the Quran, the biggest obstacle to the belief in Tawhid is that people make some beings between them and Allah. For this reason, people fall into shirk and disrupt the attributes of Allah's Lordship and Godhead. There are elements that help people to deviate from the righteous path. "Tağut" refers to things that are randy and worshiped and obeyed except Allah. "Cibt" comes to all meanings such as the magician, the priest, who are believed to have extraordinary powers in all kinds of idols. "Evliya" means helping, giving support and friendship to deflect the right way. "Şürekâ" means accepting that there is a similarity in Allah's divinity, in the presence of the Lord, in his adjectives and deeds. "Endad" means equal, similar, common, equalization to God. It is necessary to know what these elements exist in every period, what they mean and their details. It is important to explain this issue thoroughly in order to understand and protect the belief of tawhid, which is the essence of religion.

Religion, Tawhid, Tağut, Saint, Revelation


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