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In the 20th Centry Britian had ınterest ın the Mediterranean region, especially in petrol sector. Britain pursued this ıntererst with great concern and ignored any threat that came by with it. In early of 1915, General Townshend was tasked as head officer ın Irak region. With ınstructıons from Halil (Kut) Paşa; General Townshend and his men, accompanied by İshak Bey, travelled to Bagdhad by boat in 3rd may 1916; later followed by the other Generals on 4-5th may 1916;While English soldiers and their fellow ındian prisoners were placed ın defferent camps across Anadolu region. General Townshend started his Journey from İstanbul on 12th may 1916 and reached his destination on 3rd of June 1916. During his Journey he was treated as a guest and not as a prisoner. General Townshend, while he was in captıvıty in a period of two and half years familiarized hımself with the Turkısh people and culture and got close to it;the way he was treated left him pleased and happy, and when he finally went back to Britian he was vocal about Britian diplomacy with the outside World and eventually he resigned as a General. After his retirement he became a member of parliament ın his country and he made Turkey to be known both ın Britian and in Europe. Later as an mp, he travelled to Turkey as a Tourist and he made ıt known how he was close to Turkish culturer ın his vısıt as he searched for a way to end Britian-Turkey hostility. In this work and summery; The aim is to Show and highlight; the life of a General who came as an enemy and returned as an ally and a friend to Turkey and Turkısh people.

British Strategy, General Townshend, Iraqi Front, Kûtü'l-Amara, National Struggle.


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