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Military power is related to the security and survival of the countries. The principal duty of the military is to ensure deterrence in line with national interests and to attain the desired situation at crisis and war. Military power consists of three basic subordinate forces: land, navy and air forces. Subordinate forces have developed and transformed along with the advance of technology. In the short run, the transformation is based on threats, depending on the circumstances. However, when the century-long periods are considered, it can be said that it is the technology that changes and transformation takes place particularly in arms systems and equipment because of changing technology. This transformation causes change in mental approach (vision, concept, and doctrine), organization, arms systems, equipment and education. With the start of the information age by the emergence of computers, technological development has accelerated and this, as a matter of course, has brought along further and faster change in the military power. Hence, this article evaluates the influence of technology on the military power and studies the military power and the principal role of technology in the transformation of the military power.

Military Power, Transformation, Technology, Military Technology, Arms Systems


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