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Tantric Turkish Buddhism is a belief system based on Tibetan Buddhism as a product of the religious interaction that the Uyghurs experienced in the Yuan Dynasty. Tantric Turkish Buddhism, which dates back to the 13th and 14th centuries, is a religious literature that is generally formed in the form of blockprinting and manuscript, with translations mainly from Tibetan and Chinese. In this study, firstly, brief information about Tantric Turkish Buddhism is given and then the researches on Tantric Turkish Buddhism are tried to be shown chronologically. In this study, the number of studies determined on Tantric Turkish Buddhism is in the form of books, book reviews, articles, master's and doctoral thesis and includes a total of 55 studies.  These studies are listed chronologically and the importance of these works in terms of Tantric Turkish Buddhism is tried to be shown.

Uyghurs, Turkish Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism, Tantric Turkish Buddhism.


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