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Modernism which takes its root from the western thought, made deep impact on humanity’s perspective to the earth. On the one hand the West started industrialisation thanks to the conscious which created by the French Revolution, on the other hand they had been worked on to establish material and profit oriented system which makes the core of world ideological system. The earth as the largest environment which interaction between living and inanimate objects, effected by these negative influences at its foundations. In the last century, the humanity’s needs of infinitive consumption with addition of the comfort and ideology of the individual take the earth only as a capital, which must be acquired. At this point, the humankind presents his irresponsible and selfish needs as damaging the earth in the cultural and natural perspectives. Modern man, who accepts the material well-being and the self-needs which are more important than all the other needs, will focus his consumption frenzy on two things: the environment and the culture. Situations like increase in the production, the diversity of human needs, changing in living style causes great problems in architecture, urbanisation, environmental consciousness, interaction between human and nature. The change in human-nature interaction in the western world inducts much more dangerous progress in societies which follow western modernisation. The eastern societies which try to do modernisation experience of the west in shorter time than the west and close the gap with the west, experiences social and environmental disasters in faster pace. Because of this, in the cities of Anatolia it is possible to encounter living quarters which turned into wastelands or thousands years old historical artifacts in the middle of huge blocks. Especially Kilis as one of the important cities of the Ottoman civilisation which faces the Middle East painfully experiences immigration, industrialisation, conurbation problems which are specific to modernisation. In this proceeding, damage on natural environment and cultural texture made by the perception forced by modernisation will be discussed in example of Kilis.

Cultural Heritage, Environmental Pollution, Kilis, Urbanisation, Historical Texture.


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