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The culture, referred to as the Polish School of posters, is part of the Second World War. It appeared at the end of World War II and peaked during the Cold War era. This current can also be described as a phenomenon consisting of an accumulation of brilliantly created works between the 1950s and 80s. In the banner design, Polish artists, with their own sensitive style, presented works of art that contradicted the social repressive dogma. They approached their instruments with the intention of creating a work that was predominantly of interest to the viewer and held in their hands. The Polish poster School was a renaissance of graphic design in the historical adventure of graphic design, and the work they put forward made a lasting and significant impact. The fact that poster designs, in which the aesthetic values of the painting are transformed into lean narratives, are still appreciated is the most important indicator that this school deserves a special place in the field of graphic design. Although Poland did not have the necessary environmental conditions for poster production in those years, it is very meaningful that it peaked. This amazing situation deserves to be analyzed academically. In the article, the formation, structure and unique style of the Polish poster School School were evaluated. Based on these assessments, categorical generalizations were attempted. With this categorical classification, it is aimed to make the characteristic map of the school with general lines.

Poster, Polish poster School, graphic design


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