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As a sub-discipline of linguistics, semantics deals with everything that has meaning. Rather, it undertakes the mission of revealing the meanings of the concepts or words, which were gained in the course of history, especcially the etymological origin. In this respect, we can define it as analytical work that expresses the degree of meaning of words. As a matter of fact, in order to carry out this exhausting and tedious study, first of all, the root form and the basic meaning of the concepts and their derivatives are used in different places in the sentence or text. Then, an analysis of the meanings that the concept has gained throughout history along with its derivatives is made. In this analysis, it is revealed whether the meanings attributed to the concept, in particular, depart from the basic meaning or not. In this context, when it is adapted to the Our'an, a semantic lingıistic text, both the etymology of the concepts that play an important role in the formation of the monotheistic world view and the meanings it has gained within the context of the relationship network and the textual integrity formed within the sentence can be determined. In making this determination, the meanings indicated by these concepts in the process of revelation should be assigned. Therefore, in terms of Our'anic semantics, the meanings given to sectarian founders and scholars who emerged in the future process should be excluded from the evaluation. In this study, the meaning of blasphemy, which is one of the basic concepts of the Our'an vocabulary, and the meaning of the words derived from it and the meanings gained in the verses of this concept will be examined. However, synonymous and close words in the semantic field of this concept and opposite words will not included here as the article will exceed the volume and limit.

Linguistics, Semantics, Qur'anic Semantics, Blasphemy, Context


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