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Modern Youth, Religion and Sufism

In terms of competence, the youth stage is the period when religious obligations started along with many responsibilities. Starting from the relationship of religious responsibility with the mind, the period of youth, in which physical, mental and mental maturation begins, is extremely important for the perception of Islam. If the physical development does not develop parallel and harmoniously with the spiritual evolution, we see that there are some psychological, sociological and public risky impressions and motivations. Although the influence of our life has decreased with modernism, it has been accepted by the founders of modernity that religion is an undeniable spiritual power. Beyond this confirmation religion has a history as old as human history, it shows that religion is a rich source for human recognition. The mystical sides that express the essence of religions have always had stronger effects for man. Young people who have fresh observations and experiences about the outside world cannot be expected to remain the mystical power of religions. Sufi, which is the mystical interpretation of the religion of Islam, has created practices for shaping the hearts and soul worlds of young people in the desired style, as well as belief practices in their daily lives with the tradition of futuvvath and akhiliq. Sufi interpretation rises from a transcendent consciousness generation of the religion and world affairs of young people, and their contributions to moral and social harmony fed the process of civilization. In our study, it was advocated that when the youth, which became largely problematic, was brought together with the right religion and mysticism, it could be the main determinant and carrier of the civilization, which was missed as it was in the past, and examples were presented with cause and effect.

youth, religion, mysticism, modernism, morality


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