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Covering is an inherent feeling and a practice that needs to be practiced. People who are prone to sin, from time to time want to get rid of the feeling and practice of veiling for various reasons, search for ways of going open and naked, find evidence and create excuses for its legitimacy. Some of them claim veiling comes second asserting that veil of taqwa is important because of some difficulties of social life such as education. Therefore, it is necessary to rethink the verses about hijab. For this reason, the term "libâs at-takvâ", which has not been adequately addressed in the subject of hijab, stands as a subject that deserves attention. This term, which we can translate as taqwa dress, means more than covering. In our study, the concepts of taqwa and dress in this context were emphasized, their definitions were made, and the remarkable points in the relevant verses were tried to be addressed. Accordingly, two meanings of the concept of libâs emerge. One is the literal meaning of dress known to everyone, and the other is the metaphorical meaning that protects man from all kinds of material and spiritual evil. The cover of taqwa, which constitutes an expression with the meanings such as fear, avoidance, and protection, is the act of covering that protects people from all kinds of ugliness and bad moral images. The hijab does not happen only by wearing certain clothes. Moreover, while covering the necessary parts of the body, at the same time, the heart and soul are closed against evil, the eye and ear against sins, based on the sense of piety. For this, apparent dress is not enough, taqwa clothing is required. A person who wears his daily clothes and taqwa clothes together must carry a feeling of veiling in his heart and continue his struggle with his devil on this issue until he dies. Because the devil constantly disturbs people in this regard and recommends opening and abandoning the veil. Man wearing the veil of taqwa will make great progress in the relentless struggle against Satan.

Tefsir, Taqwa, Hijab, Dress, Satan


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