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Migration is the process of movement that emerges for different reasons and refers to the relocation of people from one place to another. Above all, migration provides the individual with a new living space. The individual's emotions, thoughts and behaviors differ according to the values of the new space. These changes include political behavior. The differentiation of the factors affecting political culture and political preferences in the place of migration is seen as the main factors of the change. The individual, from time to time, makes choices in the political field as well as in all other areas of life. Political preference is defined as voting in a narrow context and making elections at every stage of politics. This preference process is closely related to the sustainability of both the management system and social life. Because the individual decides who and how to be governed by his choice in the political field. In addition, the characteristic of management will be directly reflected in individual and social life. This study focuses on the political behavioral changes experienced by immigrants after the process. Changes in political behaviors of migrant individuals are examined. In the study where face-to-face survey technique was applied, people who migrated from Bayburt to Istanbul were selected as the sample. The aim of this study is to reveal the relationship between migration and political behavior and to reach the conclusion that migration affects political behavior. As a result of the study, the targeted result was reached in the light of hypotheses. It was determined that migration had an effect on political behaviors.

Migration, Political Choice, Political Behavior, Bayburt, İstanbul


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