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The efforts to expand its territory with its powerful army, expand its territory in the Black Sea and the Caucasus in line with its ideals that have become a state policy such as developing trade, achieving strategic gains, and undertaking the patronage of Orthodox Christians in the World, Russia’s the first and most important goal was to seize Georgia, which is accepted as the center of the South Caucasus. The political, economic, strategic, and cultural importance of Georgia, which has an important place in the South Caucasus geography, stemmed from its function as a bridge that provides the passage from north to south and from East to West. Besides, Georgia, which is in a strategic position in terms of providing access to the Black Sea, has been a conflict area for many states throughout its history. At the end of the XVIII Century, while the power struggles between the Ottoman Empire, Russia, and Iran continued in the South Caucasus, Georgia was made up of two separate kingdoms, the eastern and western Georgia, where there was no political unity. Erekle II, who was on the throne of Kartli-Kakheti in Eastern Georgia, turned to the Russian Tsarism to put an end to the conflicts in his country and to ensure peace in the region and asked Russia to protect Georgia. This proposal, which is a step to strengthen Russia's position in the Caucasus, was accepted and the Georgiyevsk Treaty was signed between Russia and Kartli-Kakheti Kingdom on July 24, 1783. Even though this treaty supposedly looks like a friendly treaty promising that Russia takes Georgia under its protection, it was the first step that Georgia will lose its independence. After the death of Erekle II in 1798, his son Giorgi XII, who was replaced by Erekle II, could not fight alone against the attacks of Iran, as the turmoil in the country increased and asked Russia for help. As a matter of fact, in 1801, East Georgia was occupied by Russia and became a province of Russia. It took only a few years for Russia to occupy the whole of Georgia, which has a political ground to facilitate its work.

Russia, Georgia, Annexation, Kartli-Kakheti Kingdom, Erekle II


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