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The main purpose of the study is to focus some approaches that are used in counselling sessions from the perspective of Interpersonal Process Recall (IPR). This study includes three parts. In this context, first one is related to the critical literature review for a personal model of counselling, second part is about critical commentaries on Interpersonal Process Recall exercise and the last part is an integration of first and second parts’. That part includes implications for IPR practice and conclusion. Further, following review of the literature firstly presents general definitions about approaches and basically, the effects of approaches used in counselling sessions. Literature review part does not include all information about the approaches that was used in supervisee’s counselling sessions. The present research is a study about supervisee’s towards finding a therapeutic model that best suits her and also includes some parts from her own life history. In the final part, a conclusion takes place in which the results of the study were discussed and some constructive suggestions were made in the light of literature and IPR process. Also, the issues that are seen crucial related to supervisee’s experience and literature review was discussed using critical subjectivity

Interpersonal Process Recall, Counselling, Supervision


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