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One of the versatile poets of Turkish literature, Turgut Uyar entered the world of literature with his first poem Yâd in 1947 and gained an important place in Turkish poetry with various works such as Arz-ı Hal, Tütünler Islak, Dünyanın En Güzel Arabistanı. Uyar formed his poems in a rich form making use of mainly free verse, divan literature, folk literature and western-style verse forms. This also indicates that many poetry movements from traditional to modern became the source of his poetry. However, considering his adventure of poetry it can be said that his most competent poems were introduced in the Second New period. In the poetry of this period, it can be determined that the subconscious intuitions are deepened with strong connotation and images and built in a multilayer way with mostly personal and existential themes such as death, escape, city and loneliness. Indeed, it is possible to see this personal theme in Uyar’s poem Kurtarmak Bütün Kaygıları based on hope or expectation for reaching happy and peaceful times from a discontented situation. In this context, in the current study it is aimed to find clues regarding Uyar’s intuitive and multilayer world of poetry by evaluating his poem subject to the study under the titles of mentality, structure, theme, language and harmony according to Aktaş’s poetry analysis method.

Study of Poem, Turgut Uyar, Kurtarmak Bütün Kaygıları


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