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Tawheed, prophecy and the hereafter are the three main subjects of the Quran. Almost all of the surahs are shaped around these three subjects. According to Quran the belief in oneness is based on the principle that Allah is the only deity and that the title of being "rabb" is unique to him. Allah is The Wise. Everything that has happened or will happen takes place under his knowledge and will. Command and judgment belong to him. He is The Creator. Other beings came into existence through His creation. He is all-knowing and almighty. All beings in the earth and in the sky need Him. Man, who is the most valuable asset of the universe, is also obliged to serve him. Everyone is at the same level in terms of being a servant. The Quran, being fair about tawhid, reveals a sound belief form, and informs about deviations in belief and action. One of these deviations became apparent in the Christian belief of divinity. They have deified Jesus. They referred to him as deity in some places and as a part of deity in others. In addition, Christians used the expression "Son of God" for Jesus. They proudly defended this statement, which is also present in their books. Quran, on the other hand, reveals Jesus’ coming to existence and his prophecy. It brings forth the creation and life of Jesus. The Quran expresses that He cannot be a deity. It also rejects the expression "Son of God". In this study, we will discuss the historical origin of the expression "Son of God" and how this discourse became a belief. We will examine the view of the Quran on this issue. Then we will try to analyze the commentators' comments on the subject.

Jesus, the Quran, Son of God, Servant, Human


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