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Science, technology, engineering and mathematics disciplines that those courses are given by the integration of STEM education is considered as a 21st century approach to education. Arduino; It allows students to design original projects with sensors such as temperature, temperature, humidity. The aim of this study was based on the opinion supported by the Arduino and committed students with STEM courses approach; to reveal the advantages, disadvantages, contributions to the student, the educational aspect, to determine the effects of team work, to determine how well the students understand the subject and to determine whether the students will affect the professions they will choose in the future. The study was carried out with a group of 10 students attending 6th grade studying at a public school in Istanbul, with the necessary permissions from the school administration and students' parents within the scope of out-of-school STEM activity and lasted for 5 weeks. Within the extent of the study, the support and movement, digestion, circulation, respiration and excretory systems of the systems in our body unit were supported by Arduino and intertwined with science, engineering, mathematics and technology disciplines. For the content of the study, 5 Arduino supported STEM activities were developed and implemented. In the study, the case study was chosen as the method, the semi-structured interview form prepared by the researcher was used as the data collection tool. Answers from students were analyzed using content analysis method, which is one of the descriptive analysis methods. As a result of the study, it was determined that the majority of students found the activities useful and entertaining, changed their perspective on science lesson, started to like the lesson more, and the professions they would choose in the future changed in the direction of engineering and science. Considering the positive effects of Arduino-supported STEM activities on students, science teachers can use such activities more often in their lessons, can be applied in other science subjects other than the systems in our body.

Arduino, STEM, Science Education, Systems in Our Body


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