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With its multinational structure, the Ottoman State has faced various events and ideas since its foundation. The complex structure of the Ottoman nation gathering around different ideas made it inevitable for the state to gather around one nation and one thought. The French Revolution (1789), which prepared this inevitable end, affected the nations living in the Ottoman Empire deeply as it affected many states in history. The effect of this revolution on the Ottoman State was the transformation of the state from a multinational structure to a one-nation structure. The question of what will be the idea that will keep the remaining nations from the nations that separated from the Ottoman Empire one by one with the French Revolution together constituted the basic ideology of the Ottoman Empire. Ottomanism and Islamist thoughts; It was implemented by the Ottoman rulers to keep the nation together and to prevent the state from falling apart. However, these ideas lost their validity due to the lost wars and social polarization and made the idea of Turkism become the most common thought in the Ottoman Empire. Especially since the Second Constitutional Monarchy, Turkism has become a field of occupation of Ottoman intellectuals and many studies have been done around this idea. Turkism; It has been the most basic idea that unites the public and the intellectual and unites the society. With the construction of the nation-state, the search for national identity was completed with the idea of Turkism; Republic of Turkey's national identity, is sitting on a solid foundation with the idea of Turkism. Ziya Gökalp has been the most important factor in strengthening the idea of Turkism in our country. As a matter of fact, his sensitivity to social events caused the transfer of social science to our country. Known as the father of pedagogy, Ismayıl Hakkı Baltacıoğlu, besides his activities of Turkishism during the Constitutional Monarchy, included the social science brought by Ziya Gökalp into education and became one of the important thinkers with his sensitivity to social events. In this article, the sociologist and educator Ismayıl Hakkı Baltacıoğlu, who was a strict follower of Ziya Gökalp, with his work named "Türkçülün Esasları" by the sociologist Ziya Gökalp, who was a pioneer in the emergence of the ideal of creating a Turkish nation in our country with his social ideas and views in the early Republican period. The handling of Turkism in his work named “Türk'e Doğru” has been analyzed comparatively. In these two works, which are twenty years apart as of the date of their publication, the perspectives of the two thinkers on Turkism have been periodically presented.

Turkism, Culture, Gökalp, Baltacıoğlu


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