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Abdullah b. Abbas (68/687-88) (b.m. 3/68h. - 619/687m) is the son of the uncle of Prophet Mohammed, Abbas. Ibn Abbas has important role in Islamic field. In addition to the science of tafsir and hadith, her scientific superiority in the philology of the Quran was also recognized by the Companions. He was honored with the prayer of the Prophet, won the appreciation of the notables of the Companions, and was assumed the title of translator of the Quran. Ibn Abbas, who is among those who narrated hadiths the most (muksirun), narrated (1660) hadith. He is famous for the number of fatwas he gives. He is counted one of the Abdullah from four in Fıkıh. The Quran was sent down in the dialect of Quraysh. It contains words that are strange due to their rare use and words from other dialects of Arabic. These words form the basis of Arabic dictionary studies. It is known that Abdullah Ibn Abbas benefit from Arabic literature by explaining these words. It is rumored that Ibn Abbas said, "Poetry is the divan of the Arab. When we cannot understand a word, we consult to the divan of the Arab." Abdullah b. Abbas said something about almost every subject, but left nothing written. We know that her views were narrated by her students himself. The oldest information we have in the field of Quran Philology is these strange words attributed to Ibn Abbas. Different studies have been done on this manuscript which has been analyzed. These new studies increase the value of the old ones. It is a courtesy to admit that what has been done before is the best of its time, among the possibilities and impossibilities of its time. The manuscripts were examined once again within the framework of the conditions, procedures and principles of the time and two manuscript copies narrated through Ata b. Ebi Rebah have been analyzed.

Garibü'l-Kur'an, İbn Abbas, Ata b. Ebi Rebah


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