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There is no precise information about when the rûznâmes (agenda), a literary genre in Turkish literature first appeared in the Ottoman period. However, it is known that several active privy secretaries kept diaries which they called carîdah, ruznamche with specific or general content. As the analyzed manuscript contains shooting diaries, it also bears significant information for the 18th century and Ottoman history. It is a primary source for the poet/mentor relationship, how to make deposits and favors, how poets presented their poems, recreation areas, seaside residences, mansions and palaces that existed in this period of the Ottoman Empire, the daily life of the sultan, his sportive activities, and interest in weapon technology etc. This manuscript, the shooting diary, written by Ahmed Bin Hasan, one of the 18th-century privy secretaries, starting from the ascension of Mahmud I and the following four years, the poems of the secretary himself and other poets’ records for these shots and the diaries written as prose will be analyzed. The work titled “Tarih-i Tofang-Andâzî-i Sultân Mahmud Khân al-Awwal” and its potential contributions to the classical Turkish literature and other disciplines will be emphasized. The form and content characteristic to which the secretary attributed a new style, will be elaborated as a manuscript, and relevant information regarding the poets mentioned in this work will be provided.

Ottoman, Rûznâme (Agenda), Tofang, Mahmud I, Badge


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