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History occurs in accordance with documents and documents. The novel, on the other hand, is the result of the reconstruction of historical reality in the author's imagination. Most of the historical novel definitions have been tried to be based on Walter Scott's novels. In historical novels, it is essential to learn and to create a fiction close to reality by imagining what they have learned. In the literature of the Soviet Union, the historical novel emerged after the October revolution, in the process of rebuilding society within the ideological framework. The Soviet historical novel has been in a very close relationship with the official ideology during this period. In the articles written about the concept of historical novel within the Soviet literature science in the 1930s, it is emphasized that the most important element of this genre is historical personality. The selection of the heroes who will form the personal staff in the historical novel is extremely important. Determining who these people will be selected from and what activities will be undertaken in the novel is a difficult issue for the author. Fiction is one of the most fundamental elements of almost all literary genres. But as far as the historical novel is concerned, the function of fiction is a matter of debate. The discussions focus on the freedom of an author to create based on documents. In this study, while comparing the views of Turkish and Soviet literary scholars on issues such as the definition, classification, scope, the importance of the concepts of document and fiction for the genre, the world of heroes and the classification of the genre, on the other hand, general information about the historical novel genre and its problematic is tried to be given. The views of Soviet literary scientists will also shed light on scientific studies to be carried out on Turkic World literature.

Historical Novel, Historical Personality, Turkish and Soviet Literary Scientists, Turkic World


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