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Teşebbüs-i Şahsi is the only novel written by Tahirü’l-Mevlevi, who was one of the last mesnevihans. It depicts the vitality in the press during the Second Constitutional Era and tells the story of an attempt to publish a newspaper by a group of friends who were influenced by teşebbüs-i şahsi (private enterprise). The novel’s main idea is that the attempts which are made due to sole enthusiasm without proper preparation are doomed to fail. The novel was based a real story on a journalistic experience of the author himself in 1908. It also has an autobiographical character, with explicit traces of the author's personality and life. Standing out with its humorous side, Teşebbüs-i Şahsi also has elements of criticism based on his observations about his period. The author refers to the problems that he observed in various fields such as the urban management, education, and press. When doing so Tahirü’l-Mevlevi uses poetry or makes interline references and he always uses a humorous tone to express his criticism. The work, in that sense, is a good panorama of the era.

Tahirü’l-Mevlevi, Teşebbüs-i Şahsi, Satire, Turkish Novel, Turkish Press

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