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In our present day, the goods and services produced are starting to look similar to each other. The advertisement has become a very important tool to show the aspects and superiority of goods and services that separate them from competitors. However, it is not easy to prepare advertisements showing the differences between goods and services, the way they solve problems, and the superiority over competitors. It is becoming more and more difficult for advertisers to catch a unique target audience, make their advertisement be watched, listened and sell their goods. For this reason, advertisers use different methods to catch and influence their audience. The methods used in this respect are using different strategies, applying different advertisement film narration formats, and different narrative content. In the present study, the contents of television advertising films, and the importance and contributions to the brand and in ensuring difference and awareness of goods and services were discussed. The theoretical framework of the present study was the Surreal Narration, which is one of the narrative content types of television advertising films. In addition to the theoretical framework of the study, the “e-baby television” advertisement was selected as part of the sampling in line with the Purposeful Sampling Method. In the study, the purpose was to examine the plain meaning, side meaning, slogan, music, players of the advertisement with surreal narrative content, to determine the place of the “e-bebek” brand in the minds of consumers, its position, what it says to consumers, the promise it offers to consumers, etc. The analysis of the advertisement film was made based on the narrative characteristics of the surreal narrative contents. The Semiotic Analysis Method was used in the analysis of the selected advertisement film. In the study, the presentation was to show the audience how motherhood created miracles and how surreal power was and how it could be.

Television Advertisements, Surreal Narration, Narration Content.

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