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Concepts of Lover, Beloved and Rival in the Divan of Leylâ Hanım and the Divan of Şeref Hanım

19th century was the period when the tradition of Divan poetry started to change, especially in terms of content. Despite the scarcity of great poets, compared with the previous centuries, there were the ones who endeavored to keep the tradition going. Mevlevi poets stood out among the poets of the period. This study analyzed the poems in the 19th century divans of Leylâ Hanım and Şeref Hanım in terms of the attitudes of lover, beloved and rival characters towards each other. The purpose of the study is not just to indicate the reflections of the19th century social changes and progress in Leylâ Hanım’s and Şeref Hanım’s poems, the two woman poets of the period, but also to establish the projectons of these changes in relation to poet perception and lover-beloved-rival triangle. Some of the stereotype features of the triplet of lover, beloved and rival take part in the poems of both poets. In addition to this, the aim of the study was set to identify the original and varying usages with tradition.

19th Century classicAl Turkish Poetry, Leylâ Hanım, Şeref Hanım, Mevlevi Poets.

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