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Şanlıurfa province, which is slightly sloping from North to South; Birecik, Suruç, Harran and Ceylanpınar Plains occurred to its south due to tectonic collapses. To the north of these plains along the border with Syria are Basiki composed of limestone and Siverek-Viranşehir plateaus formed by basalts from Karacadağ. Between the plains mentioned above, Arat, Çaykuyu and Tektek low (700-900 m.) has plateaus. From the Syrian border to the north, the elevation increases and the air temperature decreases depending on the latitude and annual rainfall increases to the trail. The natural vegetation in the region has been completely adapted to drought, with the exception of those located near the Euphrates River. During the summer, due to severe drought and anthropogenic effects, the natural vegetation has been destroyed. Due to the drought, the streams originating from the region are generally periodical and pass to the stream during the winter season.

Physical Geography, Regional Geography, Southeastern Anatolia Region, Sanlıurfa Province

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