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Radical changes occurred on the administrative organization remaining from the Ottoman State after the declaration of the Republic. During the replacement of the old provincial system, many changes occurred in the Eastern Black Sea Region.The new provincial system divided the region into pieces and made each piece independent. Thus, six small-scale provinces were established instead of a large Trabzon-based administrative unit. This division was not as easy as planned. Each of the six administrative units had unique factors in the process of becoming a province. Considering the causes of administrative changes in the region, these differences are concentrated on five main factors: geography, transportation, economics, population, security. The borders of the province, which gradually became smaller during the Republic period, continued to be divided along with the number of districts and sub-districts. For example, Trabzon, which is 68th in terms of surface area, is 11th with 18 districts. The changes that started in 1920 were examined until Trabzon became metropolitan in 2012. This study, which includes the provinces of Trabzon, Rize, Artvin, Giresun and Gümüşhane, was carried out to examine the effective factors by examining the process of change in administrative division on both provincial and district and sub-district levels.

Eastern Black Sea Region, Administrative division, Administrative history, Province, District

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