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The Dialectical Process in J. G. Fichte, J. P. Sartre and E. Levinas in the Context of Ego and Non-Ego/The Other Relationship
J. G. Fichte, one of the most important thinkers of German idealism, J. P. Sartre, an atheist wing of the philosophy of existence, and E. Levinas, known as the philosopher of the Other, criticized the Egocentric philosophies before them and built their own Ego and Non-Ego / the Other philosophies.According to Fichte, who puts an action-based Ego at the base of his philosophy, Ego is the one and the absolute. Ego, puts itself before itself by performing an action. Ego, after performing this action, puts before itself a Non-Ego in order that it reaches a determination. Thus, Ego determines Non-Ego or the Other.Non-Ego, contrary to Ego, is not the one and absolute; it is the plurality and changeable.According to Sartre, who built his philosophy over the existence in itself, existence for itself and existence for another, Ego is an object belonging to the external world independent of conscious.According to it, the Other is the one who takes the existence and freedom of Ego away from it. Although getting rid of this is possible with freedom and responsibility, it is dealt with negatively since it objectifies Ego. Levinas thinks that the philosophy must start with an Other with an ethnical basis.For Levinas, Ego is the one that is determined by the Other. Ego is the one answerable to the Other. Ego wins its uniqueness only in its answerability to the Other. It is not possible for Ego to win its self without the Other.The Other is a face and it is eternal.In this respect, it is aimed to evaluate comparatively the meanings attributed by the philosophers to the Ego, Non-Ego and the Other concepts and their relationship with the dialectical process.

J. G.Fichte, J. P. Sartre, E. Levinas, Ego, Non-Ego, Dialectic, the Other, Another, Face.

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