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Artificial intelligence, which is one of the most debated subjects of today, is defined as the intelligent behaviors of a machine such as reasoning, learning, communicating etc.in a broad sense.The main purpose of artificial intelligence studies is to produce an artificial intelligence system that is conscious, able to think and having a moral status in a similar way to human beings.In this respect, it is necessary to integrate an artificial ethics in order to prevent artificial intelligence systems that can think and become conscious as a possibility, in order to prevent harm to both human beings and other living things. Otherwise, the lack of ethical status of these artificial intelligence systems may pose a problem both for the human race and for other living things. In this context, questions such as “can there be an artificial intelligence that has the quality of reasoning that enables it to distinguish between good and evil? What is the place of natural emotions in artificial intelligence?Can artificial intelligence possess a sense of responsibility?” are the basic questions that need to be answered.The most fundamental problem within the framework of these questions is that it is possible for artificial intelligence systems that are not fully conscious to intervene directly in human life and that many ethical problems arise as a result of these interventions.In this respect, the aim of the article is to show the ethical problems that may be caused by artificial intelligence systems which can think like human beings and have a consciousness and to put forward the measures that can be taken to reduce the negative effects of these problems.

Artificial Intelligence, Natural Intelligence, Consciousness, Robot, Ethics, Emotion, Responsibility

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